BEP Buller Engineered Products


The patented RazerLift is a technology set to make waves in the cargo aftermarket industry in both the recreational and commercial markets. The feedback we have received to date is not merely positive, it is downright glowing. Given the inherent headaches associated with existing cargo management products (i.e. inaccessibility of the roof, limited options of the trailer hitch) the RazerLift is not merely another option in a crowded market, it will address a significant pain point in a way that no other product does. It will be the first product to provide maximize both ease of access and cargo flexibility. The cargo flexibility of the RazerLift means its market potential extends beyond merely the recreational market - a market sizeable enough to be attractive on its own - and includes the huge commercial/industrial market as well. While a recreational customer might utilize the RazerLift on weekends for camping, many tradespeople will load and unload their ladders and other roof-top cargo multiple times daily. The RazerLift brings significantly improved ease-of-use and ergonomics to their work, minimizing the risk of injury from repetitive overhead lifting.

2016 is the year that we will finalize product development and testing, establish multiple sales channels, begin active promotion, and prepare for Canadian and US market launches. To get this accomplished, we are seeking $500,000 in additional investment capital. This capital will be used to complete the prototyping and testing, get sales, establish marketing and execute business development as well as leveraging additional government funding. This investment is open to eligible and accredited investors across Canada and a complete set of investor documentation is available upon request. If you want to be part of this exciting evolution in cargo management, contact us today!

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