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February 4, 2016
The Alpha prototype of the RazerLift has successfully been installed on a vehicle for field testing. The installation and initial testing immediately revealed some areas for refinement of the final design, but the unit is functional and performs largely as expected. Field and shop testing will continue for the several months in order to test the design with results of testing guiding further product development.

A video of the field prototype can be seen here.

November 18, 2015
The United States Patent and Trademark Office has “allowed” the patent behind the RazerLift. An allowance means that all issues raised by the patent office have successfully been addressed and the invention is allowed to be granted. It is the final step in the process of having the patent granted.

October 19, 2015
Buller Engineered Products Ltd is pleased to announce that Phil Doublet and Kevin Esau have been retained as directors. Phil and Kevin both bring outstanding, and different, perspectives to the challenges that BEP will face in the coming years. More information about these gentlemen can be found at LinkedIn.